Downwinder Spot Guide

North coast Downwinders

In nine out of ten times the best downwinder in Sealand can be found on the north coast in wind directions ranging from North, North West to West.  Most starting points are roughly an hours drive from Copenhagen with good free parking spots.

Needless to say downwinders are always buddy surf both for safety reasons and practical reasons – you need Continue reading

“Himmelbjerget” by Erki Pärnoja – Songs I love

Once in a while a song appears magically from behind the clouds that sweep your feet of the ground and carries you into the wind. This is one of these amazing tracks.

“Himmelbjerget” by Erki Pärnoja a dreamy warm guitar track that somehow reminds me of childhood. Perhaps the title helps to set the stage even though the sounds sound nothing like home. This is one of my best listening experiences in a long long time. Please check it out and enjoy.


Japanese customer centered service

I just returned from two weeks in Japan. Visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and the Kii peninsula with its amazing Onsen (hot springs) and pilgrim walks.

One things stands out about Japan and it is NOT being lost in translation because it has actually become much easier to find your way around with english sign posts and guides most places. No, it is the Japanese Continue reading

how to get started with 360 video

How to get started with 360 video

How to get started with 360 video

Some call it VR Video or Virtual Reality Video or even Spherical Video but hey let’s just stick to the fact that the new cameras record in 360 degrees thus naming this new tech infant 360 Video.

360 video cameras are still in their infancy and thus the pricing is still quite in the high end. The first real consumer ready gadget is Continue reading

Bose noise cancelling headphones

BOSE noise cancelling head phones – Product Review

I <3 my new BOSE noise cancelling head phones! It’s quite rare that I declare my LOVE in public and it’s also worth mentioning that in the past I have always been a Sennheiser head phones kind of guy heavily influenced by my dad.

So what happened? Well first of all co-working spaces, open offices and loads of new colleagues happened or to put it more bluntly – a shit load of increased decibel happened. Continue reading

co-working spaces in copenhagen

5 amazing co-working spaces in Copenhagen

How do you choose the right co-working space? Maybe that’s something you need to consider carefully before enrolling your, soon to be, unicorn start-up or one-man-band in a new office space.

Copenhagen has a great many co-working spaces to choose from and in the winter of 2015-16 I decided to move into 5 different spaces for 1 month each to get Continue reading