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This website is about my experiences both my worst customer experiences (get inspired by how low the bar is set from big enterprizes) but also my best experiences (with products & services) that make a difference to me and that I hope can inspire you.

1. Co-founder Usertribe

I spend a fair amount of time living and breathing my start-up Usertribe. It’s breathtaking to think just how far we have come in such a short time. I am both happy and proud how Usertribe is making a difference by helping improve businesses and customer experiences every single day. At Usertribe I handle our bigger clients and focus on new products and services. Also I love to get my hands dirty so for select assignments I still carry out the research myself.
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2. Digital Experience Specialist

It may come as no surprise that I am bit of a tech biz geek and thus naturally I do some consulting on the side. Consulting being a fancy word for playing around with new technology and getting to inspire and spend time with awesome people that also want to excel at new technologies and digital experiences.
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3. Avid Kitesurfer

You don’t have to be a kitesurfer to be a start-up founder but it helps. Waves and wind help me clear my mind. It basically regenerates my energy to be in such close contact with the forces of nature.


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