UPS package delivery – A worst customer experience

How hard can it be to get a hold of a package? As the above video (In Danish) and customer journey experience with UPS package delivery show pretty darn hard! The touch points across info notice and website does not do any job in providing a better service.

How is it even possible that UPS can fail this hard?

The first reason is that competing services has improved and customers have gotten use to something else. If we are not home when our package arrives we’ll pick it up in the store on the corner or in the digital package box a few blocks away. Consumers will never again accept to wait a day for something because delivery companies still have not figured out when we are actually home. And it should not take a genius to figure at that most people are at work in the daytime.

The second reason is that UPS obviously have no insights at all into the customer experience of their customers customers. Mind you I don’t pay UPS to deliver my package – they get paid by the webshop where I ordered my package. Maybe the service that UPS provide for the webshop owner is super optimized and maybe customers don’t complain to the webshop about UPS. At least i did not. But with a service like that you bound to go out of business fast. Who’s yelling Kodak and Nokia?

So what is the quick fix?

There’s none. But if I was working in UPS Denmark I would drop the bomb on the website and change the info notice to:

We stopped by today with your package. We’ll try again tomorrow between Y and Z. If you would like to make other arrangements call +45 35 25 80 80 and PS. Please don’t go to our website it’s not made for real people.”


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