How do you choose the right co-working space? Maybe that’s something you need to consider carefully before enrolling your, soon to be, unicorn start-up or one-man-band in a new office space.

Copenhagen has a great many co-working spaces to choose from and in the winter of 2015-16 I decided to move into 5 different spaces for 1 month each to get a feel for the community that I had been missing out on for 4 years building Usertribe corporate HQ.

I spend a total of 5 months being inspired by these new shared offices, meeting fantastic people and adventurous entrepreneurs resulting in this review that I hope will help you make the right decision on where to set up shop.


dare2mansion co-working space
26 out of 30 stars

Hearts:        starstarstarstarstar
Brains:         starstarstarstarstar
Creativity:   starstarstarstarstar
Space:           starstarstarstarstar-grey
Food:            starstarstarstar-greystar-grey
Money:         starstarstarstarstar-grey

Dare2mansion is the playground for creative techies and it is a definite must visit! I mean you did notice the pink unicorn on the roof of the garage in the above picture right? Yes, there’s and actual start-up garage being used for accelerator programs like Thinkubater, Danske Ideer and for talks by prominent speakers from all over the world thanks to the Singularity Alumi and founders of Dare2 Kris and Laila. This power couple represent fire and ice and will make sure that your stay at Dare2mansion will be a game changer.

That being set the space is not for everyone. You’ll need to apply yourself and invest time in the social spirit of the place and most importantly give something of yourself. This is also meant quite literally in the context that you together with other resident are responsible for preparing the lunch. The food is great but the organizing has some issues thus the fewer stars. One could also wish for more comfortable desks but that could just be my age and comfort level that needs to be challenged.

Go visit Dare2mansion here and be sure to sign up for the event list.

Rocket labs

rocket-labs co-working space
24 out of 30 hearts

Hearts:       starstarstarstarstar
Brains:       starstarstarstarstar
Creativity: starstarstarstar-greystar-grey
Space:        starstarstarstar-greystar-grey
Food:         starstarstarstar-greystar-grey
Money:      starstarstarstarstar

A programmers heaven and a perfect place to go find the tech geeks that at the same time understand how to build a business. Rocket Labs are really good at attracting good programmers mainly by offering free get-started months which is a good way for most people to get off their ass and start up.

The space is not too crowded and people are nice but perhaps not the most open and the best at socializing (but I guess you already knew that when i wrote that most are geeks and programmers, right?) Oh yeah, and its 97% male.

Rocket Labs has a topscore on hearts and brains but lose the edge in creativity mainly because of few business and social events compared to the other co-working spaces in this review. The food is your standard spaghetti bolo grubs and favorite dishes with a focus on meats. A bit to old school and non varied for my taste but apparently perfect for hungry coders.

Visit RocketLabs

Founders House

founders-house co-working space
26 out of 30 stars

Hearts:       starstarstarstarstar
Brains:       starstarstarstarstar
Creativity: starstarstarstarstar
Space:        starstarstarstarstar-grey
Food:         starstarstarstarstar-grey
Money:      starstarstarstar-greystar-grey

A co-working space with a heart mainly due to the socializing power house Zenia (office manager) who makes sure you get introduced and meet everyone that you need to talk to. Also the weekly inspirational get togethers and a breakfast, lunch and bar that’s always open to the ones who can afford the full monty makes this a perfect place to work.

Founders House is a bit expensive and they are picky about who they let in. It’s more likely that they will choose you or that a resident recommends you because they are at max capacity most of the time. I hope that Founders House don’t change by moving to a bigger place as they have the perfect size. At the same time small and cosy and big and forward thinking. Mind you if you want the full buffet and access to drinks it’s gonna cost you.

Go visit founder’s house online


SOHO co-working space
23 out of 30 stars

Hearts:       starstarstarstar-greystar-grey
Brains:       starstarstarstarstar
Creativity: starstarstarstar-greystar-grey
Space:        starstarstarstarstar
Food:         starstarstarstarstar
Money:      starstarstar-greystar-greystar-grey

It might not be fair to put SOHO on this list as they are not really a co-working space but more a professional Office Hotel. But it most definitely still is among the places to check out when looking for a space. The parties here are absolutely fantastic but keep in mind that the average age is closer to 40 than 20.

SOHO has the best food I have experienced so far and best desks and amenities BUT the people there are way to comfortable (and to put it frankly old like me). The majority have their own small offices and they DO NOT socialize much which is why I scored SOHO lower in hearts and creativity. This is the seasoned entrepreneurs and agency freelancers office Hotel (there’s nonone in SOHO after 4PM).

If you are not ready for your own office inside the office there is still a shared office space on the 3rd floor where I know for a fact some great people are hiding out with an amazing view of the city.

Go visit SOHO online 

Rainmaking Loft

rainmaking loft co-working space
22 out of 30 stars

Hearts:       starstarstarstarstar-grey
Brains:       starstarstarstarstar-grey
Creativity: starstarstarstarstar-grey
Space:        starstarstarstarstar-grey
Food:         starstarstarstarstar-grey
Money:      starstarstar-greystar-greystar-grey

Rainmaking Loft is still the new kid on the block and it was my last stop of the tour so naturally I had a lot to compare with at the time. This impacted my stay and my judging. Therefore I want to stress that this place has great potential if they get their hick-ups fixed. One of these being too small work desks. It’s not okay to not have room for two screens on your desk without sitting on the lap of the person next to you (hell it’s supposed to be a tech co-working space – who doesn’t have two screens? That’s a definite do over. Oh yeah and I had to do my client calls in a cleaning closet!?

What I loved about the place were the people there and also it’s a really bright open space with a huge cantina. And yes, there’s a table tennis table which is worth one start just by itself.  Also a nice coffee shop / bar in the main entry room.

No one gets it right in the first get go, so I am sure that someone will soon write me in the comments that things have picked up and that the Loft is the new hip place to get started. I sure hope so!

So go visit Rainmaking loft and see for yourself!

There’s loads of more co-working spaces in copenhagen!

Needless to say there are plenty more co-working spaces in Copenhagen and maybe I’ll visit another bunch in the near future when the space in the Usertribe office gets to tight. Until then please see a full list of amazing co-working spaces on #CPHFTW


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