Breath Masterclass

Rediscover the power of your breath in this intense one day journey into body & mind

Next Masterclass is Sunday Nov. 15


Open seats

10 travellers maximum

Breath Masterclass for High Performers

Masterclass Itinerary

  • Check-in
  • Body Opening (Learn how to open up)
  • Grounding (Learn how to let go)
  • Superventilation (Learn how to clear the mind)
  • What is holding you back? (Learn how to listen and release) 
  • Small Wave Breathing (Relearn how to breathe ideally)
  • Nasal Breathing (Learn how to balance your nervous system)
  • Hypoventilation (Learn how to breathe less and be more)
  • Breath Retention (Learn how to pause and reconnect)
  • Luncheon
  • Guided Energy Visualisation (Learn how to digest and power up)
  • Lung capacity Training (Learn how to be and do more)
  • Big Wave Breathing (Learn how to breathe into your brain)
  • Inner Balance Master Technique 1* (15 min. program for Inner Balance)
  • Inner Balance Master Technique 2* (15 minute program for health, energy, and calm)
  • Check-out
* To be revealed in Masterclass

What you get

  • Full day journey into body & mind (9-17)
  • 20+ Breath Techniques for high performers
  • 15+ Energy Exercises for high performers
  • 2 Inner Balance Master Techniques
  • The ability to condition your nervous system
  • The ability to power up or calm down on command
  • The ability to boost your immune system
  • & not least a healthy lunch in great company

What to bring

  • A curious and open mind
  • Extremely comfortable casual wear
  • Water bottle
  • Towels (if you tend to sweat a lot)
  • Extra blanket (if you easily get cold)


  • 18+ years of age
  • Physically active & overall healthy
  • Curious and ready to experiment
  • Be able to show up on a fasting stomach
    (we will enjoy lunch together)


  • Copenhagen
  • Place still being negotiated
  • 10 person maximum (with enough m2 per person)


  • Price is 3500,- VAT Included
  • You will be invoiced after sign-up
  • Your seat is booked when payment is received
  • I provide full Covid-19 cancellation refund

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