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BReath masterclass

Rediscover the power of your breath in this intense one day journey into body & mind

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This is an advanced experience workshop where you will deep dive into the lost art of breathing. You will uncover the ancient breathing rituals of the: Native American tribes, Indian yogis, Tibetan monks & Japanese Ninjas.
This knowledge will be combined with the newest science of breath work and measuring techniques so that you have the know how to commence a daily practice that works for you.
From this advanced breathing work shop you will be able to:

  • breathe away stress
  • shut down all thoughts and reboot your mind
  • reprogram and condition your “autonomic nervous system”
  • boost your immune system
  • energize and feel amazing

Its a full day 9-17 (lunch is included).
Note that there’s a 10 person maximum per workshop and that this advanced workshop is not for everyone. The target group is young healthy high performers that seek a fast
track to understanding and learning advanced breathing techniques for personal self-development
and performance. Thus you need to be:

  • Physically active & healthy
  • Curious and ready to experiment
  • Comfortable with arriving at the work shop on a fasting stomach (we will enjoy lunch together)

Remember to bring

  • A curious and open mind
  • Extremely comfortable casual wear
  • Water bottle
  • Towels (if you tend to sweat a lot)
  • Extra blanket (if you easily get cold)

Looking forward to guiding you on a full day of epic self-discovery through means of the ancient and new science backed modern breathing techniques.
Cost is 3500,- DKK VAT included (you will be invoiced after sign-up)
Yours truly
Thore Fogh

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seats still open for oct. 25th

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