I help scale-ups grow by training the inner balance of key employees and co-creating a sustainable high performance culture

Thore Fogh

Fixing the scale-up problem

When scale-ups grow fast it is often at the expense of performance
– a culture in flux can render high performing employees paralyzed, disconnected and result in burnout

  • The managerial team has a primary focus on company performance not employee well-being
    – employees are sometimes thought of as a resource (HR) and in scaling “weak” employees need to go for the company to grow

  • Managers and employees have limited knowledge of what constitutes sustainable high performance
    How do we take care of our employees and avoid burnout?
    – How do we help employees “recharge”?
    – How do we spot a “disconnected” high performer and help them transform to sustainable high performance?

How do we spot which key employees to help?

The disconnected high performer

Sympathicus dominant body structure and shallow breathing pattern. Overthinking, overplanning, overaction, overtraining & overbreathing is default. The result is an emotional and a bodily disconnect. Can run very fast but only for a limited time before burn out

Physical alarm signs

1-2: Headaches, blurred vision, tinnitus, nose blocked, tooth problems, sore jaw & a low frequency smile pattern
3: Tight and inflexible neck (moving your head side to side & up and down results in clicking sounds)
4-5: Raised and unrelaxed shoulders, upper chest pains, shallow chest breathing is predominant
6-9: Low awareness of arms that are often overly active and thus quite soar
10-11: Cold hands
12-15: Poor digestion, Lack of deep belly breathing, Constipation and or Irritable Bowel Syndrome
16: Lack of libido OR sexual overstimulation
17-20: Stiff and inflexible hips and legs (right leg often worse than left), Sciatica Pain
21-22: Little awarness or sensation of feet OR over sensitive (feet may not be touched).

Emotional alarm signs

The primary emotions of the disconnected high performer are anger & frustration.  Mood swings or emotional numbness are also typical. Feelings of love, joy and sadness are scarce or none existent. Empathy is low.

How I co-create Sustainable High Performance

Motivational Talk

  • “The Sustainable High Performer – How to be more by doing less!”

Masterclasses (1 day getaways)

  • Breath Masterclass – “Rediscover the power of your breath”
    Learn how to recondition your nervous system, Learn how to power up/calm down on command & learn how to boost your immune system through 35+ breathwork techniques.

  • Energy Masterclass – “Reconnect and control your primal power”
    Learn how to turn anger into creative power, Learn how to win with others not over others & learn gearing and power control through mindful fighting and 20+ energy exercises


  • 30 minute Power Break (individual inhouse session)
  • 60 minute Breath Work sessions (individual or group sessions)
  • 60 minute Nordic Body Therapy (individual training)
  • 90 minute Growth Training for Sustainable High Performance (individual training) 

Testing (individual)

  • Sustainable High Performance Quick Evaluation
  • Breath and Autonomic Nervous System Assessment
  • HRV Stress & Fitness test
  • Body Scan + Body Mapping

Call me at +45 40 40 20 57 and let's set up an introductory meeting

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