Rediscover and train your inner balance

with personal Growth Trainer Thore Fogh

I help high performers rediscover and recondition their inner balance enabling them to live longer, happier and more meaningful lives.


Martin Kremmer, Biohacker endorse Thore Fogh

Martin Kremmer

Global Director at EY & Biohacker


“Sustainable high performance is rapidly becoming the new norm, and nobody is better at teaching you this than Thore! I have spent seven years optimising everything from diet and fitness to genetics and biomarkers, but it was not until Thore taught me how to nourish my nervous system, things started to align at all levels in my life!

Géza Molnár

FOODTECH Entrepreneur


“Working with Thore is a wonderful experience. He helps me connect with my body and emotions like never before. It’s like a combination of coaching, meditation, breathing exercise and trigger point massage. The outcome of all these together is something very-very positive (and almost impossible to explain in words). I would also like to highlight that Thore’s kindness + his positive and supportive attitude is a big part of my experience, and I’m super glad that I found such a guide.”

Are you breathing too much?

I primarily work with high performers (thought leaders, corporate heroes, entrepreneurs, biohackers etc.) who challenge existing norms and run very fast. There’s nothing wrong with running fast but sprinting without inner balance is short term thinking. And when we sprint all the time we burn out. We burn out because we do not have the inner balance that allows a sustainable high performance.

There is one KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that reveals if you have inner balance for sustainable high performance. Your Breath! If you breathe more than 6-10 times per minute when rested and if you primarily breathe with your chest not your gut throughout your day – you overbreathe! 

As overbreathers we stress too much, think too much & we work too much. We have conditioned our nervous system to be overly active (sympathetic dominant) – we are in a constant fight/flight or freeze mode which means that we have difficulties in destressing and finding calm. Also, we have a hard time feeling joy and happiness and with that finding purpose in our lives.

The good news is that you can rediscover your inner balance and start reconditioning your nervous system and with that live a longer happier life and become a sustainable high performer. 

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A typical collaboration

I primarily work with high performers (leaders, entrepreneurs, biohackers, salespeople etc.) over a course of 4-6 months (5 sessions)
You Really Need to Decide to Improve Yourself
I would never have been able to build my former company UserTribe, or father three kids & build this new dream venture had it not been for the help I recieved along the way. I have been "scraped off the pavement" several times by special someones, and now it's my time to return the favor. All you have to do is reach out. I'm here.
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You are welcome to give me a call before booking an introductory training. Maybe you want to be absolutely sure that you fit the target group and that you are in fact an overbreather. I will soonish launch an online test but until then leave me your number and I'll call you.
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Introductory Training
The WOW experience
This first session is very much a journey into the body through the breath where we dampen the impulses to the brain and reconnect you with your inner balance. I call it "coming home". For most people it can be quite powerful to reconnect and experience their natural inner balance. For many this is the first time in a long time they experience absolute calm.
Introductory Training
Second Training session
Quantification & testing
The measuring and testing begins. Who says you cannot measure stress, energy & health? Subjective testing is as valid as objective testing as long as we compare the data to ourselves over time. Thus we do baselines. We also deconstruct your routines and behaviour to zoom in on the blind spots and uncover the potential.
Second Training session
Training sessions always differ and some people are ready for the confrontation early on but most of the time it happens a little in to the sessions and some times not at all.
Most high performers have learned to run fast because something in the past has conditioned us to do so. We are running from something? Maybe you already know what I am talking about or maybe you will discover this when ready. This conditioning is visible and palpable in our bodies. We need to realise these barriers to either take them down or learn to use them as stepping stones.
Onwards Training
Rebuilding, Reconding & Integration
When we understand the behaviour of our mind and body that beforehand were blind spots we regain the power to make healthy choices. We will start reconditioning your nervous system responses primarily through vagus nerve stimulation (body therapy) and breath work. This training will give you a better inner balance and more energy and health. Most of the work will be in my studio but for each session you will be given breath work techniques or other exercises to help you integrate.
Onwards Training

Impact Counter

Completed Training Sessions
1 %
Avg. increase in health post sesssion
1 %
Avg. increase in energy level post session
1 %
Avg. Experienced Life Meaning post session

Tool Box

Nordic Body Therapy
Indepth body & emotional training 1-on-1 95%
Advanced Breath Work Techniques
Breath work (exercises + measuring) 1-on-1 85%
Life & Career Coaching
Mind work (exercises + coaching) 1-on-1 75%
Body & mind exercises
Guided exercises 35%

Thore Fogh

I was born in 1980. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark with my girlfriend and 3 kids. I hold a Master’s degree in Information Studies from The University of Aarhus. I built the customer experience company and platform Usertribe from scratch to 5 partners and 30 employees. Today I help leaders and high performers reconnect body & mind and train their inner balance resulting in more happiness and better decision making. I also teach Entrepreneurship as a part-time associate professor at the IT University of Copenhagen.

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